10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

The classic asset is increased in several ways. In recent years the financial world has shown us the risk of investing in stocks and funds and the traditional savings account brings almost nothing. Within a short time you will have to pay more taxes on your investment income. The solution? Invest in real estate. Even in times of economic and financial crisis many times real estate investment is profitable. The value of your investment capital increases in the long run and your property itself can give you income. No risk. Thus kills two birds with one stone. The result? Financial security and peace of mind.


1. Investing in real estate is more convenient than saving

The interest rate of your savings account is not very high and depending on the economic situation sometimes inflation exceeds the return of a fixed term. One of the best ways to make your savings pay off is to buy an investment property. With a good purchase you will see capital increases for value and rental income fill your bank account. Your retirement is insured.



2. With the investment in real estate is established against weak currencies

Properties in general are priced and valued in rupees or according to some comparison with the international or regional market. Invest your savings quickly and safely. When investing in the real estate sector does not have the ups and downs of local currencies and will have secured its capital. In addition, you can get a good amount of income for a monthly rent, another advantage of investing in real estate.



3. Investing in properties creates additional income with a rent

Have you invested in real estate? Then you know you earn twice, because your investment property is increasing in value over the long term and because you can enjoy a fixed rent monthly rent. The average annual return on a performance property is 7 to 8 percent per annum in the long term.



4. Investing in real estate: a more secure investment than the stock market

Stock prices fluctuate drastically and the financial sector remains with a range of new investment products: complex systems with uncertain or minimal returns. So many people opt to invest worry-free to secure their future with investment properties. It is clear that this type of investment is a little higher at the beginning, but after having two properties or more, you will see that your capital will increase faster and faster thanks to rental income and also increases the value of investment property long-term.



5. Investing in real estate: farewell to the unstable prices of gold and commodities

Investing in raw materials like gold and silver is also a risk because they have a very volatile character. In the latter the price of gold and silver fell drastically. Even experts estimate that it is difficult to say what factors influence price. For laymen, it’s all guesswork and there is not a very solid foundation for retirement unless you set out to research the markets very deeply, which takes longer to invest in brick.



6. Investment in real estate instead of pension savings or insurance

Pension savings or life insurance or group insurance are reliable investments in the future, except during a financial crisis! Imagine that your bank or insurance company is in a difficult situation, it can be very expensive to go to another insurer or another bank. Do you want to leave some capital to your loved ones? Then it is best to choose to invest in properties.



7. Investing in real estate in addition to your retirement

We already know that the minimum retirement or even the retirement you will receive after reaching a certain age will probably not meet your needs. The aging of the population and the increase in life expectancy are bad news for the compulsory retirement system. That is why it is best to take care of your old age in a safe way that gives you the security it deserves – with income from an additional rental. Your best guarantee of a dignified retirement and worry-free retirement.



8. Invest in real estate at affordable prices? Start investing in real properties.

Do you want more return for each investment? Then it may be a viable option to get into the pit sale, which has a great advantage. When finishing the work in general has a direct profit when it sells the finished department. You can reinvest that money into another well property, and so on.



9. Investing in real estate is fiscally profitable

Investing in real estate is also a good investment for your tax return. Because they are only taxed on the indexed cadastral rent of your property, not your rental income (depends on each country). Ask your agent for more information. In general, annual rates are low to maintain your properties, much lower than the taxes you will have to pay for other profits. Part of the interesting range of real estate investment: apartments, business departments, rural houses, lots and lots, rooms for students, hotel rooms, residences, garages.



10. Real Estate Investment: Park your money in parking lots

Another very stable real estate investment? Garages and parking. Because most cars are not used for more than ninety percent of the time, they will always need a carport or parking lot. It is to be hoped that public parking in twin cities will only increase. In the future you will get an increasing return, both for the rent and for the value of the parking itself. Another advantage of the investment in garages and parking lots is that the cost of maintenance is reduced to a minimum.